Dive to see Whale shark in Moalboal

Dive Experience in Balicasag Island Bohol Tagbilaran

Diving with a Sea Turtle at Balicasag Island, Bohol Philippines, Dive at Cabilao Island, Bohol Philippines Diving with a school of Barracuda fishes in Balicasag

Get a cheap boat trip and sail to Balicasag Island from Cebu City.

Dive Malapascua Island Cebu City

Scuba diving at Malapascua Island Cebu City, Philippines. Video from Gato Island, Malapascua Island Cebu City. Video from Monad Shoal, Malapascua Island Cebu City We drove to the northern most tip of Cebu City which is Bantayan and rode a small pump boat for 30 mins, and arrive to this beautiful island called Malapascua.

The island is filled with resorts and hotels that ranges from P 800 to P 2,500 in local currency. You can check out their famous dive sites such as Monad Shoal, Gato Island, and Kimod Shoal.

You can also try their advance dive sites such as wreck diving and deep diving.

Manny Pacquiao vs Oscar De La Hoya Dream Match

Manny Pacquiao vs Oscar De La Hoya Dream Match

Is it a Dream Match or a Mismatch for Manny Pacquiao to fight Oscar De La Hoya. Both Manny Pacquiao and Oscar De La Hoya make physical sacrifices for the 66.5-kilogram about 147-pounds. Oscar may be the bigger fighter for Manny and it might change the style of fighting in the ring. Chances are Pacquiao by KO, De La Hoya by KO or a Draw to respect both fame boxers.

Pinoy Fear Factor

Pinoy Fear Factor PhotosABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation launched Pinoy Fear Factor hosted by Ryan Agoncillo (actor, tv host, sporty guy). Pinoy Fear Factor is a remake of Fear Factor Extreme (FFX) with a twist of Pinoy Version. Pinoy Fear Factor Grand winner will take home 2 million pesos almost around US$50,000 USD in total with furnished house and lot.

Pinoy Fear Factor Participants

Elmer Felix
25 years old from Pampanga, a Veterinarian who love animals so much. Elmer Felix also do some medical mission. His greatest fears are drowning and exotic food

Gail Nicolas
25 years old from Quezon City, TV commercial artist and a brand product model. Also a nail artist. Heights and dark places are Gail Nicolas greatest fear

Janna Dominguez
18 years old from Dagat-dagatan, Malabaon City. A TV host and a sales agent by profession. Her greatest fears are spiders and small closed space.

Jommy Teotico
24 years old from Manila. A brand model who fears cockroach and insects.

LJ Moreno
27 years old from Marikina City. An actress, she is also a Preschool teacher by profession. Cockroach and deep water are the things that LJ Moreno fear that most.

Jose Sarasola
22 years old from ParaƱaque City. A Culinary student who will be as one of aspiring chef in the Philippines. Deep water is what Jose Sarasola afraid of.

Manuel Chua Jr
27 years old from Cabanatuan City. A businessman who fears crocodile and to fail on his business.

Marion dela Cruz
21 years old from Valenzuela City. based in Ausrtia where he is a student. Marion Dela Cruz greatest fear is heights.

Phem Barranda
27 years old from ParaƱaque City. An actress, model, and TV host at ABS-CBN. Fear of snakes and insects are Phem Barranda weaknesses.

Bernabe Calipus Jr.

20 years old from Parola, Tondo, Manila. Live as a Kargador who fear heights.

Ram Sagad

23 years old from Quezon City. A basketball player, a model and a student at a time. His greatest fear are heights and exotic foods.

Savannah Lamsen
23 years old from Quezon City. A Ledge dancer, a model who afraid from cats.

7 Wonders Of Nature

Congratulations to the Philippines for achieving four of the country's top tourist spots as finalists for the "Seven Wonders of the World of Nature". Included are:

3rd: Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park

5th: Chocolate Hills of Bohol
8th: The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River and Park in Palawan

11th: Mayon Volcano

Thank you for your online votes!

Miss Earth 2008 Interview

Miss Earth Philippines 2008 Swimsuit Compitition

Gorgeous dazzling beauties of Miss Earth 2008 in swimsuit attire compitition, See how magnificent these lovely girls are from different edges of the World.

More to come only here at Pinoy Travel

Miss Earth 2008 Winners held in Philippines

Last Night Miss Philippines Earth Beauty Pageant 2008 event was a stunning moment for the young sexy contestant hosted by Nikki Gil, Rafael Rosell, and Ginger Conejero.
Ms. Earth 2008 was held at Grand Ballroom, Crowne Plaza, Galleria Manila

This year’s Miss Philippines Earth Beauty Pageant 2008 was hosted by Nikki Gil, Rafael Rosell, and Ginger Conejero and was held at the Grand Ballroom, Crowne Plaza, Galleria Manila.

Miss Philippines Earth 2008 - Karla Paula G. Henry (Cebu City)

karla paula henry

Karla Paula G. Henry will be our representative to the Miss Earth 2008 Beauty Pageant.


On to the winners of the Special Awards:

Miss Congeniality - Jaydielou B. Dilidili (Municipality of Indang)

miss congeniality

Miss Photogenic - Nikki A. Martin (Filipino communities in West Coast, USA)

Filipino Community West Coast USA

Best in Talent - Marian Michelle T. Oblea (Municipality of Obando)

marian oblea

Best in Cultural Attire - Ma. Kristelle M. Lazaro (Municipality of Candaba)

kristelle lazaro

Best in Long Gown - Marian Michelle T. Oblea (Municipality of Obando)

marian oblea

Best in Swimsuit - Nikki A. Martin (Filipino communities in West Coast, USA)

Filipino Community West Coast USA

The Major Awards

Miss Philippines EcoTourism 2008 - Maria Venus B. Raj (Legazpi City)

maria venus raj

Miss Philippines Fire 2008 - Ma. Kristelle M. Lazaro (Municipality of Candaba)

kristelle lazaro

Miss Philippines Water 2008 - Marian Michelle T. Oblea (Municipality of Obando)

marian oblea

Miss Philippines Air 2008 - Marie Razel T. Eguia (Dipolog City)

marie razel eguia

Miss PAGCOR International Tourism Ambassadress - Melanie Felix (Filipino communities in East Coast, USA)

melanie felix

Skim Surfing, Fun Exciting Sports

Skim Surfing, Fun Exciting Sports

Worlds largest biggest snake ever found

Watch World's largest biggest snake ever found

How to inquire my PhilHealth Number thru text message

It's been 3 year and 6 months now but I still don't know what is my philhealth number. I'm tried to ask people but they same situation as mine. It's getting worst, I'm been paying them and I don't know where it goes. I manage to ask our secretary and "walah" nothing happened. I manage to get to their website, still no good.

After all those helpless days getting my Philhealth number I was able to get some clue on how to get it. Someone from my YM told me that you can text their hotline to inquire and ask about your Philhealth number, but unfortunately she doesn't even know. So i manage to search in google for it then *kapish* I got the hotline numbers. After all those things I wanted to put these number so I can HELP people who needs these philhealth numbers.

To know your PhilHealth Identification Number, type the following:

<space>BDAY(mmddyyyy) and send to 2960

For members with extension name (Jr., Sr., III, etc.), type

ExtensionName<space>BDAY(mmddyyyy) and send to 2960


More information on How to inquire my PhilHealth Number thru text message:

PhilHealth Benefits
Qualified Dependents
of Birth (mmddyyyy)
and send to 2960
Claims Status
and send to 2960


Procedures for PhilHealth ID Replacement
PhilHealth Office Addresses and Contact Numbers
Region Name or Number
and send to 2960
PhilHealth Employer Number
PHICPEN TIN No. and send to 2960PHIC PEN 301003505401
List of Keywords
PHICMOREHELP and send to 2960

Discover Calamianes Islands in Palawan Hidden Paradise Islands

Discover Calamianes Islands in Palawan Hidden Paradise Islands

Top 5 Philippine Island Resort Destination

Top 5 Philippine Island Resort Destination

1. Boracay Beach
It's not too at to go and watch how beautiful Boracay can be. Boracay beach is one of the so called "paradise beach" of the Philippines. And you will never forget this experience once you go there.

2. How to get to Malapascua
If boracay was called beach paradise, the beach of Malapascua is also called "hidden paradise", and it is very rare to get close to the nature alone.

3. best island resort destinations
See the top unknown beaches and destination, this is unsorted list of beautiful beach in Cebu

4. Panglao Island Bohol
Have you been to Bohol? See the pride of Bohol beach, Panglao beach resort.

5. Discover Moalboal Scuba Beach
Looking for the best scuba diving spot? you better go to Moalboal and see the real beauty of true sea nature.

Malapascua Beach Island Resort

Panglao White Beach Resort in Bohol

Discover Moalboal Scuba Diving Philippine Beach

tornado i found in cebu yesterday

Yesterday when I was writing an article about the new seven wonders of the world in one of the tallest building in Cebu. I didn't recognize the big black storm right out of my window. I didn't mind it at first but when someone was pointing fingers outsite the window, i stood up and ask what happened. For that moment, I didn't believe what I saw. Cebu is not prone to any tornado and it is a safe place to live but things change when i saw that big tornado connecting to the ground.
cebu tornado

why does earth give us a life like this

“..these people are consuming our garbage for food, they have the entire stretch of the streets as office, the warm comfort of an old newaspaper as bed, how simpler could life get?”

alms.. alms.. alms..

alms.. alms.. alms..

Walking briskly through the city one night, a sudden gush of a rotten stench of some kind stole my attention, and when I turned, there it was a beggar on my right and a street child around 5 years young, clinging innocently by her mother’s side. When I got homr that night, I could not help but wonder, wonder helplessly at the harsh realities burdening our people.

We may have passed them once or twice today, but what did we do? or better, did we even remember about it? (except the stinky odor), they have passed as eyesores to us, hopin as irrelevant as possible that they remain anonymous, and the experience would leave a pigment of the past as possible, forgetting easily that these people breathe the same air that we do. We have gone about our imfeverish lives to make the big strides in satisfying our fleshy ordeals, but have we overlooked the outright truth that these people on the streets otr the “taong-grasa” present? Who are they? Or what are they? Or better yet, what kind or society that has reduces them to these unfortunate conditions.

strugglin to survive..

strugglin to survive..

Some might resort to crime just to satisfy their ever-hunger bellies, sould we blame them? Some might loiter around begging for our extra change, even unblemished children are doing this, but could we blame them? Some sell their cold flesh every cruel night just to have pleasure of surviving, and again could we blame them?

These people are regarded by society as human wastes. A waste by-product of society development, they are as we sometimes bitterly call them garbage personified. They’re just doing their own little business, behind the shadows of skyscrapers, but as we look closer we find out that they are humans too, humans as in ones with names, and ones eith right of existence, existence in this tuny miserable planet that we have always thought to be just a wonderful blue gem floating serenely and magnificienctly in space, funny how these contrast reveaks behind the shadows of beauty (development). Indeed, development is inherent in us humans, since the first time our eyes marveled at the discovery of fire, we have never ceased to advance. But how ironic would this advancementt be, when at the same time as discovering new technologies and newly found comforts, we are casting out and neglecting these poor brothers and sisters of our spciety in the process.

your help could help a lot!

your help could help a lot!

A friend once said that it would be wise to spurn a beggary life that easily, for it opens new paradigms, a new perspective for which man may be able to peak into the mysterious game of life. “A life free from selfish worries of human existence, our concern would only be limited to the simple problem of finding edible garbage for out next meal”. Personally, I am not sure whether I can disagree with that. Imagine a life so primal, so basic that we would be (at last) free from selfish politicking, free from IMPERIALISM oppressions, and free from any shallow worries of life. Imagine, these people are just cosuming our garbage for food, they have the entire stretch of the streets as office, the warm comfort of an old newspapers as bed, how simpler could life get? They don’t give a damn about Boracay or Paris or London, much more of who won the last Elections or even what year would today happen to be. For them, today is just another creeping of light to hide the sadows of the night, in other words, today is just another day at the office, another day of scouring through life’s bitter edge, preparing themenu for the next (very) exotic meal. Then drifting through existence, then fade away into the faceless obscurities of the inssensitive crowd.

Sometimes, this simplicity touches upon the very pitfalls which man succumbs to the greed for material poer and wealth. We have come to be so complex a being that we may missed out on this very essential thing, and until we learn from the simplicity and the giving up og greed form this surprisingly teachers or morals, we will never ever see the heap of actual development.. of our Society.

by persius

Mv Princess of Stars sunken location

Mv Princess of Stars left the port of Manila on June 21 on its away to Cebu City.
Mv Princess of Stars sent a distress signal late on June 21 when its engines stalled in rough seas near Sibuyan Island. Mayor of San Fernando, Mayor Nanette Tansingco is the first person who rescue the sinking ship, Mayor Nanette Tansingco sent a speedboat to help that Mv Princess of Stars survivors. Unluckily, people of that speedboat said "they can see partially submerged and several bodies were found near that ship"
Now, missing people are increasing more and more.

The song and music video aim to encourage Filipinos to be more aware and appreciative of their own local attractions and inspire a renewed sense of pride in the beauty, history and culture of the Philippines.