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Eastland Real Estate in Liloan Philippines

You want to live in Philippines? Go to Cebu City where you can spent the nice places, 5 star hotels and crazy bars in town. But if you are looking for a living town house or just a simple house to make a home, go to East Land Real Estate, they are currently looking for very good clients that may satisfy the beauty of their house builds.

In cebu, you can see a lot of house and lot for sale, view each model house in different subdivisions here in cebu, carcar, mactan, naga, talisay, liloan and in minglanilla.You can also find low cost houses such as Jorgiane, Juliane, Florencem Denisse, Nichole & Mycah. These are just a few of their house builds, I'll be posting few pictures of it you might get interested. And if you are really interested to own a house in Eastland Real Estate, you can email me directly or post a comment to this blog.
Eastland Real Estate in Liloan PhilippinesEastland Real Estate: Nichole

Inside layout of the house
Eastland Real Estate in Liloan Philippines
Eastland Real Estate in Liloan Philippines
Eastland Real Estate in Liloan Philippines
Eastland Real Estate in Liloan Philippines
Eastland Real Estate: Nichole

Nichole has
1 storey, 3 bead rooms, 2 toilets & bathtub in the master's bedroom, 1 car garage, Entry poch, drop ceiling desing at the living, dining and master's bedroom with porcelain floor tiles, wrought iron stair railings with wooden handrail, and it has a floor area of 84 sq. m. Isn't that good enough for a living. More real estate stories and information upnext.

Philippines Region Map Destinations

Luzon Regions


Babuyan Island

Baguio City






Caramoan Peninsula

Camarines Sur

Dagupan City





La Union

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Missing Loboc Bohol River

Missing Bohol? see this wonderful images from Loboc River in Bohol.

new Mactan Lapu-Lapu real estate property for sale

A new real estate house property is being develop in Lapu-Lapu City, in Mactan Cebu. See the picture for more details, it is cheap rather you buy in Manila or any northern part of the Philippines.

City of Lapu-Lapu is a 1st class highly-urbanized city in the province of Cebu, Philippines and it has the finest urbanized places and businesses. Lapu-Lapu occupies most of Mactan Island, just one kilometer southeast from the island of Cebu, and also covers the whole of Olango Island five kilometers further to the southeast plus a few other islets. Lapu-Lapu City is part of the larger Cebu Metropolitan Area or Metro Cebu centered on Cebu City.

The area of the present city was called Mactan before the arrival of the Spanish colonizers. Augustinians then founded the town of Opon in 1730 and the town retained its name until 1961 when it was made into a city and renamed after Lapu-Lapu, the first Filipino hero who, in 1521, defeated Ferdinand Magellan.

The Mactan-Cebu International Airport is located in Lapu-Lapu City and is the country's second-busiest airport. And it has a lot of bar, clubs, disco establishments, business places, and lots of beach resorts.

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Best Top Beaches in Philippine Island

1. White Beach, Boracay Island
A tranquil natural atmosphere quite busy and friendly locals. The sand is exceptionally white, soft, never gets hot and stretches for 3 miles.
There is a huge variety of small hotels, restaurants and bars offering cosmopolitan cuisine just off the beach, relatively cheap and comfortable. Although rated as one of the top ten beaches in the world, recent tourism expansion has lead to some environmental concerns.

2. Honda Bay, Palawan, Philippines
Despite its outstanding natural beauty, Palawan's 1,770 islands have been one of the least developed holiday destinations in Southeast Asia.

So far the lack of commercialism has made Palawan very special, but it is becoming more popular particularly for international divers, as well as adventurers.
The ideal place for sun seekers and snorkellers is Honda Bay, which has several islets including Cannon Island, Bat Island and Starfish Island, with coral reefs breaking crystal clear water onto empty, fine white sand beaches. Arreceffi Island contains the luxury Dos Palmas Resort, while lesser accommodation can be found on other islands, or stay at Puerto Princesa and take a half hour boat trip to your favourite deserted beach.

3. Malapascua Island, Cebu
This tiny island, situated at the northeast tip of Cebu Island, is relatively new to the international market, but already rates highly on the the list of world's best beaches - some say it is the new Boracay.

4. Bantayan Island, Cebu
Bantayan island, 15km from the northern tip of Cebu is well-known for its powder white sands and crystal clear water, especially along the southwest coast. It is a low-key, laid-back resort with friendly locals. The beaches are considered as some of the most inviting resorts, particularly around Santa Fe. If you looking for a virgin paradise, try nearby Puo Island.

5. Muelle Bay, Puerto Galera, Mindoro Island
Puerto Galera is an ideal place to do island-hopping from Luzon or a place to laze on pristine white sands and clear, warm water. The most popular beaches for swimming are White beach and Tamaraw Beach, while beaches near Sabang have best facilities for coral-cruising. For more tranquility try Big and Small Laguna Beaches. Puerto Galera also offers excellent inland nature walks.

6. Puraran Beach, Catanduanes Island
Catanduanes Island lies in the Pacific Ocean just off Luzon and is one of the Philippines' major surf venues. Puraran Beach's white sand is very appealing, but currents can be dangerous in the surfing season [October].
There are other white sandy beaches, for instance Pamangal Beach near San Andres town or Igang Beach. Note that this is one of the wettest provinces of the country. Best April-June. Worst Nov-January.

7. Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol
Bohol, just across from Cebu, is best-known for its curiously bumpy Chocolate Hills landscape. It is becoming more popular as the region's best beach destination, with superb white sand and some world class diving sites, tho' mostly on the adjacent little island of Panglao.

Spent your special moments with these fascinating beaches in the Philippines. You will spend not to much because the prices and rates are so cheap, you must never miss this chance to go and take an dive in the Philippine Islands.

Philippines Travel Photos

Featuring all beautiful places and sights in the Philippines.

You can do a lot of things in the Philippines like Canyoning, Caving
River Climbing, Trekking, Horseback Riding, Mountain Biking, Volcano Climbing, Kids Adventure and Sight Seeing their natural view and environment.

Philippine Islands History of Tourism and Travel Sights

A small video that reminds us the true beauty of the country "Philippines"

The song and music video aim to encourage Filipinos to be more aware and appreciative of their own local attractions and inspire a renewed sense of pride in the beauty, history and culture of the Philippines.