Pinoy Fear Factor

Pinoy Fear Factor PhotosABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation launched Pinoy Fear Factor hosted by Ryan Agoncillo (actor, tv host, sporty guy). Pinoy Fear Factor is a remake of Fear Factor Extreme (FFX) with a twist of Pinoy Version. Pinoy Fear Factor Grand winner will take home 2 million pesos almost around US$50,000 USD in total with furnished house and lot.

Pinoy Fear Factor Participants

Elmer Felix
25 years old from Pampanga, a Veterinarian who love animals so much. Elmer Felix also do some medical mission. His greatest fears are drowning and exotic food

Gail Nicolas
25 years old from Quezon City, TV commercial artist and a brand product model. Also a nail artist. Heights and dark places are Gail Nicolas greatest fear

Janna Dominguez
18 years old from Dagat-dagatan, Malabaon City. A TV host and a sales agent by profession. Her greatest fears are spiders and small closed space.

Jommy Teotico
24 years old from Manila. A brand model who fears cockroach and insects.

LJ Moreno
27 years old from Marikina City. An actress, she is also a Preschool teacher by profession. Cockroach and deep water are the things that LJ Moreno fear that most.

Jose Sarasola
22 years old from ParaƱaque City. A Culinary student who will be as one of aspiring chef in the Philippines. Deep water is what Jose Sarasola afraid of.

Manuel Chua Jr
27 years old from Cabanatuan City. A businessman who fears crocodile and to fail on his business.

Marion dela Cruz
21 years old from Valenzuela City. based in Ausrtia where he is a student. Marion Dela Cruz greatest fear is heights.

Phem Barranda
27 years old from ParaƱaque City. An actress, model, and TV host at ABS-CBN. Fear of snakes and insects are Phem Barranda weaknesses.

Bernabe Calipus Jr.

20 years old from Parola, Tondo, Manila. Live as a Kargador who fear heights.

Ram Sagad

23 years old from Quezon City. A basketball player, a model and a student at a time. His greatest fear are heights and exotic foods.

Savannah Lamsen
23 years old from Quezon City. A Ledge dancer, a model who afraid from cats.

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