Top 5 Philippine Island Resort Destination

Top 5 Philippine Island Resort Destination

1. Boracay Beach
It's not too at to go and watch how beautiful Boracay can be. Boracay beach is one of the so called "paradise beach" of the Philippines. And you will never forget this experience once you go there.

2. How to get to Malapascua
If boracay was called beach paradise, the beach of Malapascua is also called "hidden paradise", and it is very rare to get close to the nature alone.

3. best island resort destinations
See the top unknown beaches and destination, this is unsorted list of beautiful beach in Cebu

4. Panglao Island Bohol
Have you been to Bohol? See the pride of Bohol beach, Panglao beach resort.

5. Discover Moalboal Scuba Beach
Looking for the best scuba diving spot? you better go to Moalboal and see the real beauty of true sea nature.

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