Cebu world’s 10 best island resort destinations

Recently, Cebu the queen city of the south was been picked as one of the world’s 10 best island-resort destinations by the 2005 edition of the Conde Nast Traveler Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards.
Cebu the queen city of the south was picked eighth in the Asian/Indian Ocean region this year.
Last year Cebu was ranked seventh place finish , the Cebu Daily News reported.

The famous Phuket, Thailand was picked as the best island destination in the Bali, Asian/Indian Ocean, Indonesia sliding to the second spot.
The other top destinations are:
Mauritius (third, 78.2 points)
Maldives (fourth, 77.6)
Koh Samui, Thailand (fifth, 75.3)
Langkawi, Malaysia (sixth, 74.4)
Lombok, Indonesia (seventh, 71.2)
Cebu, Philippines (eighth, 69.5)
Seychelles (ninth, 69.3)
Borneo (10th, 65.7).

According to the top newspaper early last month, tourists rated the islands according to “activities, beaches, friendliness, lodging, restaurants and scenery.”
Shangri-La’s Mactan Island Resort and Spa, which is located in Cebu province, was also picked as the 9th best resort destination in the Asian region.
Aside from Cebu and Shangri-la, Cebu Daily News reported, “no other entry from the Philippines landed in the survey.” People cannot deny that Cebu has it's finest Hotels and Resorts best for vacation.

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