Google Maps Seaview Diving in Philippines

Watchout for Google Maps Seaview Diving in Philippines Google Maps strives to provide people around the globe with the most comprehensive, accurate and usable map of the world - including the underwater world. This ocean collection includes six of the world's most incredible underwater spots, including coral reefs (and their inhabitants) in Australia, the Philippines and Hawaii. This imagery is available to millions of people through the Street View feature of Google Maps and in our Street View Gallery at:

Getting ready for the BIG Summer vacation

Packing for a beach trip may be tedious for some, and a walk in the park for others. Some women need nothing but a bottle of sunscreen and their bikini, while others consider a luggage filled with a variety of beauty products, ten different choices of swimsuits, three hats and half their library of books essential.

Regardless of whether you decide to bring your favorite framed photographs, or the pillow you can’t sleep with out, there are a few things you shouldn’t leave behind no matter what. Here is your checklist:
  • Sunscreen: You can forget everything, but never forget your bottle of high SPF sunscreen! This is your number 1 priority! Premature ageing and the sun’s damaging effects are your worst enemies, not to mention skin cancer! Remember that the older you get, the easier it is for your skin to get damaged so stop taking risks and stop soaking up the sun during the “bad hours” between 10 am-3pm, when the sun’s rays are strongest. If you are dying to go home with a tan, don’t worry because just being at the beach will leave you with a sexy glow, even without trying.
  • Swimsuit: Bikinis are the swimsuits of the moment, but if you aren’t comfortable baring too much skin, you can always go for something that flatters your figure or compliments your personality more. Opt for a stylish one piece or a monokini to cheat a little.
  • Sunnies: Sunglasses are a must have on the beach. Not only will chic, oversized glasses hide your partying from the night before, it will also help you protect your peepers from the sun’s harmful rays. Worried about how to match your sunglasses with your suit? Bring a neutral color like brown or black that looks good with everything.
  • Sandals: heels have no place at the beach, not even for weddings! The beach is one place where going au naturel is encouraged so take advantage of being able to rest your tired, stiletto ravaged feet and bring sandals! For some women, rubber flip -flops are good enough. Whatever you choose, stay within the realm of flat and open.
  • A big bag:  Don’t bother bringing your leather totes and exotic skin clutches as the beach air, salt and sand will ruin them. Instead, bring a bag made of natural material like cotton. A waterproof option is good too so you can throw in delicate items such as your camera without worrying about them being ruined.
  • Entertainment: Whether you are a reader or a music lover, bringing some form of entertainment to keep you company is imperative. Make playlists on your ipod so you can just turn it on and zone out, or bring that book you’ve been meaning to, but never have time to read.
  • Waterproof makeup: Although too much makeup at the beach is generally frowned upon, everybody still has the right to want to look good. For touches of product here and there, make sure you bring ones that won’t smudge or smear even when you sweat or decide to jump in the pool.

Housemaids, It's more fun in the Philippines

The song and music video aim to encourage Filipinos to be more aware and appreciative of their own local attractions and inspire a renewed sense of pride in the beauty, history and culture of the Philippines.