Cebu’s Mango is the Finest at it's Best

Cebu stakes a claim as having one of the finest mangoes in the world. Yes, Cebu it is. Other varieties of Mangoes in whole Asia may compete with sweetness and the juice of a mango, but Cebu mangoes are decidedly not fibrous like the others, it is just luscious, and it is so cheap.

You can buy Cebu's Mangoes anyware in Banilad fruit stand, Carbon Freedom Market, Jones Avenue, Mango Square, Tabo-an and any part of Cebu. A kilo is about 60 pesos (~$1.1) while it is only 40 pesos in the other dry markets, so you thinking about it's cheapness. I really love mangoes, of course, it’s one of my favorite fruits! I can make a lot of things out of cebu's finest mangoes, from mango float to mango shake.

The song and music video aim to encourage Filipinos to be more aware and appreciative of their own local attractions and inspire a renewed sense of pride in the beauty, history and culture of the Philippines.