Lingam massage safe

1. What is Lingam massage?

Lingam (ling-ahm) massage is a man’s massage; it promotes leisure and spiritual therapy by massaging a man’s prostate pressure point. No matter which method is used it is not possible to touch the prostate directly. The nearest indirect access is through the rectal wall, which means that there is still a membrane in the way. This is somewhat akin to the inhibiting sensitivity of a glove. Despite this restriction the lobes of the prostate are highly sensitive to pressure.

An array of sensations may be produced by pressing, rubbing or by means of stroking the gland through the rectal wall. The most profound of these feelings is similar to that sublime sensation which is normally felt during ejaculation, as the prostate begins pumping semen.

2. Why is Lingam Massage beneficial?

There are many reasons why men should embrace his receiving mode by getting a lingam massage among these are:

It is pleasurable. As powerful as physiological stimulation might be, it pales when compared to the immeasurably greater psychological or mental high. The very notion of the male placing himself into such a vulnerable position, results in a powerful mental rush, for both receiver as well as giver. The willingness of the naturally controlling male to allow himself to place in an unaccustomed submissive role should be particularly cherished by the giver.
It releases stress and tension. The G-Spot or the sacred center of a man is his prostate gland. Tantric philosophy considers the G-Spot as a man’s emotional sex center. Massaging the man’s prostate releases tremendous amounts of emotional and physical stress. Coupled with stimulation of his penis or “lingam”, massaging his prostate can be extremely pleasurable and healing to the man.
It is rejuvenating. Lingam massage was once just for the Kings and the Emperors. As early as 5th century BC in China, ancient Chinese emperors would employ a skilled woman to perform lingam massage-they believed that the massage will help them keep their energy to please their hundreds of concubines. Even the great playboy King Farouk of Egypt, who claimed to have bedded over 5,000 women in his lifetime, uses the technique to stay young and vigorous.

3. Is Lingam massage safe?

Since it only involve massaging the prostate pressure point it is as safe as getting a body massage or a foot massage. However, it is highly advised that only experts and therapists should perform the massage because the amount of pressure must be cautiously applied and the pressure points must be carefully traced.
Moreover, Lingam massage is purely massage, unlike sexual intercourse; there is no bodily contact between the client and the expert/therapist. Lingam Massage Venture strictly prohibits extra-service. Our therapists are well-trained, accommodating and very professional. They know their job very well and can be trusted in terms of the facilities’ sanitation and their personal health and hygiene.

4. How often should I get a lingam massage?

Twice a month should be enough. However, there is also no harm (except maybe for your budget) if you’ll have it daily.

5. Will lingam massage cure my prostitis/STD/Impotency/any other prostate Illnesses?

Absolutely NO, you should consult a genitourinary physician or seek for a professional medical help. Lingam massage does not promise any care or relief it is primarily for relaxation.

6. Is Lingam massage practice in other countries?

Yes, it is widely accepted in Malaysia, Singapore, London, US, Thailand and China.

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