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Are you looking for best vacation destination in the Philippines with world-class watersports facilities? Are you one of those considering Philippines to experience the most extreme ride over water in your whole life?

Then you must give time to visit Camsur Watersports Comlex. Designed to give you the ride of your life the is the first world-class watersports complex, CWC is located within the Provincial Capitol Complex, Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur. The province of Camarines Sur, situated in southeastern part of Luzon is found in the Philippines, Southeast Asia.

Camsur Watersports Comlex aims to bring cable skiing to a whole new level and attract watersports enthusiasts from all over the world with its top of the line facilities and relaxing environment. This six (6)-hectare complex, with its 6-point cable ski system, is sure to draw guests, riders and spectators by the thousands. Because of good weather conditions, cable skiing in the park can be done all year round.

Things to do

Ride on Water
Cable skiing is simply water-skiing where the skier is pulled by an overhead cable suspended 8-12 meters above water surface by specifically designed pylons. The cables run counter clockwise around the lake. It is powered by a variable speed electric motor which can maintain speeds between 20 - 65 km/h.

Wakeboarding was created from a combination of water skiing, snow boarding and surfing techniques. Instead of using skis, the rider rides a single board with stationary non-release bindings for each foot, standing sideways. Wakeboarding, besides being one of the world’s fastest growing sports and is gradually being recognized globally, has become a lifestyle for others.

Kneeboarding is an aquatic sport where the participant is towed on a buoyant, convex, and hydrodynamically-shaped board at a planing speed behind a motorboat or cable. In the usual configuration of a towsport kneeboard, the rider sits on his heels on the board, and secures himself to the deck with an adjustable strap. As in wakeboarding or water skiing, the rider hangs onto a tow-rope. The forte of kneeboarding vis-à-vis other towsports seems to be an easier learning curve, and not requiring as much effort to have fun.

Water skiing is a sport where the rider is pulled along by a rope with a handle fitted at one end and the other attached to a powerboat. Within the confines of being pulled along by the boat or cable, skiers can control their direction by balancing their weight on different sides of their ski. This is used to zip back and forth behind the boat. Recreational skiers usually learn to ski with a ski on each foot, but as they improve, they progress to using a single ski, placing the other foot into another binding behind the main one. Beginners on two skis are usually pulled along at around 25-35 kilometers per hour, whereas more advanced social skiers travel between 40 and 55 kilometers per hour - once confidence is gained it is actually easier to travel faster than at slower speeds because of the greater lift and stability.

Wake skating is an adaptation of wakeboarding that employs a similar design of board manufactured from plywood or from fiberglass. The fact that the rider is not bound to the board in any way gives wake skating its own unique challenges from wakeboarding. Instead, the top surface of the board is coated in grip tape in a similar fashion to a skateboard or soft, high-traction foam covering that is kinder to riders in the inevitable crashes. Riders usually wear shoes while riding to afford themselves extra purchase on the board, again in the manner of skateboarding.

How to get there
From Asia, Europe or the USA, fly to Manila, Philippines (NAIA or CENTENNIAL 2 Airports) and take a 35 minute domestic flight via Philippine Airlines to Naga Airport, Pili. The Camsur Watersports Comlex is a 3-minute or 1.5 kilometer drive from the Naga Airport. If you’re up for a road trip, air-conditioned and ordinary buses ply the 8-hour route daily to and from Manila

By Air
The quickest way to get to CamSur is by plane. A direct flight from the Manila Domestic Airport to the town of Pili (14 km. South of the provincial capital Naga) will take about 45 minutes. It is also, however, the most expensive mode of transportation as a one-way ticket costs about Php 2600. If convenience and time matter over money, then fly.

By Land
Although a little sluggish compared to the plane ride (the trip takes about 8-10 hours), taking the bus is much cheaper, with one-way rates clocking in at just around Php600. There are also comfortable options for those who can spend extra bucks. Isarog and Philtranco bus lines offer deluxe 29 seaters with almost fully reclining seats at around Php750.

A reminder for those who wish to use the bus: Make sure that you get reservations and claim your tickets a few hours before your departure. There is a huge demand for these seats, and the bus companies are not apologetic if you have failed to acquire your tickets on time.

The Camsur Watersports Comlex may very well be the next destination for every event imaginable. Book it for competitions, corporate outings, product launches, marketing events, special occasions or your next vacation destination With its complete and world-class facilities, friendly people, not to mention its proximity to the natural wonders that surround the province of Camarines Sur. CWC has a little of anything and everything for anyone and everyone. Indeed CWC is the best cable park in the world!

So what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy your vacation in the Philippines at Camsur Watersports Comlex!

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