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Chico Kalinga River Philippines Spots Photos

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steps prevent dry hair during traveling

Steps to smooth and silky hair:

Starting from the nape, apply and massage teaspoon warm olive oil to scalp in light, circular motions. Cover the hair with shower cap and leave for 30 minutes to an hour. Then rinse off. This nourishes the hair as it moisturizes and lubricates the scalp. Do this once or thrice a week, depending on your extremely dry hair.

Shampoo as usual with your fingers, not your nails! Shampooing removes dirt and build up that may cause flakes and other forms of scalp irritation. Choose one especially formulated for dry or damaged hair with vitamins.

After tapping off excess water, condition as usual. Use one that locks lot of moisture in the hair. Look for conditioners with shea or cocoa butter, jojoba oil, citrus, extracts, or aloe vera. Always apply conditioners from the hair shafts and not from the roots to prevent product build up. Rinse well.

Step 4: SERUM
Towel-dry hair. Squirt a small drop of polishing serum and comb through damp hair with finger. Style as usual. This can help seal in moisture and add shine. Use serum regularly –preferably everyday until hair’s condition starts to improve and as needed thereafter.

Once a week, treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment after shampooing (in exchange for regular conditioning in STEP 3). Apply all over the hair, comb the hair through and leave for up to 3 minutes. Then rinse. For more damaged hair deep condition two to three times a week.

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Cheap Cebu Hotels Diplomat Hotel Reservation

If you are plans to have a vacation here in Cebu, Philippines. I recommend for hotel that is clean new and close to malls, bars, grocery linke Robinsons Market and Mcdonalds & Jolibee, Visa ATM is THE DIPLOMAT HOTEL. Diplomat Hotel is a five star hotel but very affordable more or less a cheap and a quality hotel in Cebu. It has 2 sections there - New Rooms(1500 up) and older rooms (700 up) and I always get the Brand new rooms as they are in my opinion comfortable nice tv, digital lock box, hot shower, cold ac, just what I expect & need for my budget. I can spend more money to night clubs and bar hopping, meet beautiful ladies, babes, hot dancers and strippers lol. You can spend 700 pesos rooms and remember aircon taxi is best route to travel by and is really cheap. If you want the beach and boat rides etc. then Mactan would be your best option, but it can be a bit pricey. You can go to an island best for fishing, diving, island hopping, well like you said you are there for a week and these excursions usually takes a few days of planning.

More information about travel here in Cebu up next. just keep on reading our one and only unique tourist guide blog, Philippine Tourist Spots, Destination Guide & Travel Tips.

How to learn Japanese to English Video

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Philippine CPDRC Inmates, Sister Act Video & Thriller

This is a world record that gives Cebu a place for change. These guys really put an effort to it. Copied dance step in Sister Act.

Another extraordinary group dance by CPDRC inmates, copied dance step in Thriller video. This is just a simple group dance, watch out for the upcoming Sinulog Dance in Cebu.

Sexy Pinay Beauties Philippines

A sexy vid featuring pinay beauties in the Phillipines, kinda weird background.. Can't think of something weird today.

Philippine beach list: Boracay, Puerto Galera, Cebu

A few list to tell, no links yet. I'll update the link later on but for now you can search for this place in or, I have to sort this out of my blogs. This places are one of my favorite tourist spots. More revealing tourist idea coming up next. Have a happy weekend.


• 357 Boracay Resort
• Alice in Wonderland
• Alyssa Resort
• Asya Resort
• Bamboo Beach Resort
• Bans Beach Resort
• Blu Coral
• Boracay Beach Chalet
• Boracay Beach Resort
• Boracay Courtyard
• Boracay Gold Crowne
• Boracay Holiday Resort
• Boracay Peninsula
• Boracay Plaza
• Boracay Regency
• Boracay Terraces
• Boracay Tropics
• Casa Pilar Beach Resort
• Cez Manor
• Club Manila East
• Club Panoly Resort
• Club Ten Beach Resort
• Cocomangas
• Crystal Sand Beach Resort
• Culpepper Lodge
• Dalisay Resort
• Deparis Resort
• Escondido Beach Resort
• Fairways & Bluewater
• Fat Jimmys
• Frendz Resort
• Friday's Resort
• Hotel Hannah
• Jony's Beach Resort
• La Carmela
• Las Brisas Boracay
• Las Isla Bonita
• Le Soleil de Boracay
• Little Corner of Italy
• Lorenzo South
• Lorenzo Villa
• Mango Ray Resort
• Nami Beach Resort
• Nigi Nigi Nu Noos
• Nigi Nigi Too
• Nirvana Beach Resort
• Orchids Resort
• Paradise Bay Beach Resort
• Paradise Garden Resort
• Patio Pacific Boracay
• Pearl of the Pacific
• Pinjalo Resort Villas
• Queens Resort
• Red Coconut Beach Resort
• Royal Park Hotel
• Sand Castles Resort
• Sandras Inn
• Sea Wind Boracay
• Seraph Beach Resort
• Serendipity
• Sun Villa
• Sun Village Beachfront
• Surfside Resort
• Tonglen Resort
• True Home Hotel
• Villa Camilla
• Villa de Oro Central
• Waling Waling Beach Hotel
• Willy's Beach Resort

Puerto Galera

• Capt'n Gregg's Diving Resort
• El Galleon Beach Resort
• Varadero Cottage
• Coco Beach Island Resort
• Tanawin Bay Resort
• Tropicana Beach Resort
• Portofino Beach Resort
• Boathouse
• Buri Beach Resort
• La Laguna Beach Club & Dive Centre
• New Encenada Beach Resort
• Octopus Divers Resort
• Big Apple Dive Resort
• Atlantis Beach Resort
• Scandinavian Diver's
• Sabang Inn Dive Resort


• Alegre Beach Resort
• Badian Island Resort
• Casa del Mar
• Cebu Beach Club
• Cebu Grand Hotel
• Cebu Marine Beach Resort
• Cebu Midtown Hotel
• Cebu White Sands
• Cordova Reef Village Resort
• Costabella Tropical Beach Resort
• Days Hotel
• Eddie's Hotel
• Garwood Park Hotel
• Golden Peak Hotel
• Holiday Plaza Hotel
• Hotel de Mercedes
• Island and Sun Beach Resort
• Mango Park Hotel
• Maribago Bluewater
• Marriott Hotel
• Metropolis Court Hotel
• Montebello Villa Hotel
• Plantation Bay Mactan
• Princeville Executive Villas
• Pulchra Beach Resort
• Quantum Cebu Resort
• Richmond Plaza Hotel
• Sarrosa International Hotel
• Shangri-la's Mactan Island Resort
• Tambuli Beach Club East Wing
• Tambuli Beach Club West Wing
• Waterfront Hotel Cebu
• Waterfront Hotel Mactan

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Japanese caught sex filming in Cebu

Japanese caught sex filming in Cebu
Three Japanese men and their female companion were arrested for allegedly filming a sex video in Lapu-Lapu City’s uninhabited islet of Sulpa late Wednesday afternoon.

Police Chief Louie Oppus said a complaint for violations of Article 201 of the Revised Penal Code was filed against the four, who were detained until they posted bail. Article 201 prescribes a fine of P6,000 to P12,000 and/or six to 12 years in jail for anyone found guilty of “immoral doctrines, obscene publications and exhibition, and indecent shows.”

Sulpa islet, a few meters from the Olango Island bird sanctuary, is popular among tourists in search of a pristine beach. But last Wednesday, bird sanctuary park wardens Socrates Sagarino and Ruben Taneo were drawn to an unusual scene.

full story from Sunstar
Photo will be uploaded soon.

Summer Sexy Hot no so Naked Babes

Filipina girls are so beautiful and real skin with fashion. Most of the filipina girls are pure in color, no using of tanning beautification, just a pure real tan skin. Filipina are one of the most beautiful, admiring and alluring races in the world.
summer sexy hot no so naked babes
summer sexy hot no so naked babes
summer sexy hot no so naked babes

The song and music video aim to encourage Filipinos to be more aware and appreciative of their own local attractions and inspire a renewed sense of pride in the beauty, history and culture of the Philippines.