steps prevent dry hair during traveling

Steps to smooth and silky hair:

Starting from the nape, apply and massage teaspoon warm olive oil to scalp in light, circular motions. Cover the hair with shower cap and leave for 30 minutes to an hour. Then rinse off. This nourishes the hair as it moisturizes and lubricates the scalp. Do this once or thrice a week, depending on your extremely dry hair.

Shampoo as usual with your fingers, not your nails! Shampooing removes dirt and build up that may cause flakes and other forms of scalp irritation. Choose one especially formulated for dry or damaged hair with vitamins.

After tapping off excess water, condition as usual. Use one that locks lot of moisture in the hair. Look for conditioners with shea or cocoa butter, jojoba oil, citrus, extracts, or aloe vera. Always apply conditioners from the hair shafts and not from the roots to prevent product build up. Rinse well.

Step 4: SERUM
Towel-dry hair. Squirt a small drop of polishing serum and comb through damp hair with finger. Style as usual. This can help seal in moisture and add shine. Use serum regularly –preferably everyday until hair’s condition starts to improve and as needed thereafter.

Once a week, treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment after shampooing (in exchange for regular conditioning in STEP 3). Apply all over the hair, comb the hair through and leave for up to 3 minutes. Then rinse. For more damaged hair deep condition two to three times a week.

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