Cebu Beach Club finest spot #1

1st finest spot is Cebu Beach Club

It's me Loren your no. 1 article maker in the Philippines. Well to start of this Cebu Night Life blog, im gonna tell what will this blog can make, imagine full detailed information about clubs, bars, places, beaches, party people and many more. as they say, if you cannot beat them join them. Cebu is a perfect place for relaxation and a place where you can get wild and wilder. I'll start of with Cebu finest party clubs, places and site them one by one.

Ok. I'll tell you this is important if your going to Cebu for a vacation. Cebu is the best island in the Philippines, why? you ask me why. Come here and see for yourself, if your not capable of doing it so. Ask your friend if he knows something about Cebu. if you have no friends who hasn't been here yet. I'll be the one to tell you about Cebu. That's the use of this blog. To tell people how good and nice place is Cebu to stay and have fun.

Now, I'll site some spots where people go and have fun. Cebu Beach Club, the place to be. This is one hell of finest spot in Cebu, if you ask for hospitality which is common with filipino people. Cebu Beach Club combines tropical aura with modern facilities for leisure and business purposes. Its luring beach, white sand under the sun and surf. At Cebu Beach Club there is so much you can do enjoy the beach, lagoon-shaped pools, outdoor jaccuzzi (yeah my favorite), scuba diving, aquatic sports, shopping and dinning with fine foods.

All of our standard and superior guestrooms feature a private balcony facing the lagoon-shaped pool. Rooms have airconditioning, hairdryer, pipe-in AM/FM music band, phones, TV, refrigerator, minibar and bathtub with hot & cold shower.
Guests can choose to have international dishes or even local delicacies, buffets. Cebu Beach Club can also accommodate conference functions for up to 80 people.

All of my time spending Cebu, Cebu Beach Club beds are my friends. Have fun and live your life here at Cebu!

More to come about cebu spots!!!! Cebu Beach Club finest spot #1

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